Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I wrote this book some years ago. It was an interesting project presenting that God has a problem. He wants his wife back. By hiring Isis to help him, and working with a haples couple on earth, God brings the Queen of Heaven through many layers of human expression as she finds her way back from the center of the earth to her rightful place in the skies. Can we find God through our bodies? Can we engage in the intense knowledge of the chacra system, the kundalini and the Tree of Life, applying them all directly to how our own body function, and then find God? Is there a way to God that relies on the functions of the most subtle energy fields of our body? Do our nervous system, the chemicals excreted by our glands and our thoughts share the same subtle level of existence? What is an orgasm, and why do the angels seem to rejoice when humans make spiritual fireworks? I created a fairytale for grown-ups, both to your delight, and as an expression of my own diving expedition into the mysteries of the function of the body and our desire for spiritual connection. See also my next book, "Rituals in Sacred Stone", coming out this spring.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Now available on Amazon.com.

Yes, it is here. Long awaited and patiently nursed, this baby has finally seen the light. I'm very proud of my first book out. Please celebrate with me.

Click on the image of the book above to see the listing.

Here is what BookSurge wrote about it.

"Built on satire and a robust prose, Sex on the Altar by Wencke Braathen is first in the Adventures of Sam and Emily series, a debut that sings a sultry tale of power, faith and mystery as it blurs the line between the seen and unseen worlds as God and mythological deities interact with humans in a commentary about modern life.
When the Queen of Heaven is sucked into the underworld by man’s lack of devotion, God is beside himself. He puts all his faith in the Ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis — she puts all hers in a middle-aged woman named Emily. Sparks will fly with help from the gods and Emily’s and her new beau Sam’s lovemaking will awaken the Queen, but it isn’t until the Virgin Mary starts a dandelion campaign, and Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene take a bus to Nashville to work on world peace, that the fate of mankind changes course."

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Excerpt from the book.

"The earth woman stood in the center of the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral, near Paris in France, and looked up in the impressively detailed ceiling. Gothic Cathedrals have so much symbolism. She tried to take it all in. Was there light up there between the beams?
Isis and God heard the woman’s thoughts, and instantly pulled back behind the cloud. They turned and looked at each other.
“I think you’ve found your candidate, Isis. She’s all yours,” God said with a generous swing of his arm.
Isis peeked over the edge of the cloud and looked at the woman again.
“Oh, but she’s just an American tourist! I thought she was a scholar in sacred geometry or knowledgeable about the Temple Knights who built the cathedral.”
“She’s from the land of the free and the home of the brave. She’ll be wonderful,” said God with great satisfaction."

And so begins, the wild adventure—deliciously wicked and wonderfully wise—of a middle-aged woman named Emily, her lover Sam, Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, Isis—and yes, of course, God. Bold, stunning, irreverent, and wise, "Sex on the Altar" by Wencke Braathen pushes the allegoric envelope and sings with zest for life, love and unbridled passion.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Promotional cover copy.

Written by Sarah Southerland at BookSurge to promote the book. I am so impressed how she captured the essence of the message.

"Savvy, sexy and full of satire, Sex on the Altar by Wencke Braathen is first in the Adventures of Sam and Emily series that pushes the buttons of religiosity and creates heroes and heroines of a few formidable cultural deities and a hapless, unsuspecting middle-aged couple from Chicago. In this wildly original debut fiction, the author boldly blends genres such as new age fantasy, science fiction, and adventure with the wit and irony of a classic humorist. The thing is, God has a problem. No one cares anymore, which has drained the lifeblood from the Queen of Heaven who had been sucked into the depths of the Earth. God asks the Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis to help bring her back. With a half smile, Isis knowingly chooses Emily, who develops a relationship with Sam. Through their passion, which is literally a gift from the gods, their love-making awakens the Queen, and the wheels of change are set in motion."

This made me want to check out the book.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sex on the Altar

Yes, that's the title.

This is the first novel in a series called "Adventures of Sam and Emily". It will be available on Amazon this summer.

This book was created parallell with the larger historic novel I've been working on.
I was writing about Mary Magdalene and her life, and as I got deeper into her message, her message got to me.

So did the immense sense of humor of the Gods.

Hence this book.

It has been described as a hilarious romp between religious concepts, mythology, sexuality and fantasy. It had to have an outragous title. So laugh.

And buy the book.